Agency Recruiting – Is it for You?

Agency Recruiting – Is it for You?

Why is Staff Recruiting a Desirable Career?

Recruitment has typically been a space where people just land into. No one dreams about being a head-hunter and filling requisitions at top companies. People aspire to be doctors, engineers, scientists; a movie star maybe, but not recruiter.

NEWS FLASH. Today is the era of fast-paced recruitment and every firm wants the best closer. Recruitment is now a very desirable career option. What started as a part of HR administration is now being seen as a separate, lucrative career. People proudly call themselves Talent Acquisition Specialist, Staffing Specialist, or Recruitment Consultant.

A recruiter bridges the talent gap a client is facing for crucial projects. A recruiter’s job is ever evolving with traditional methods like posting jobs and calling candidates. A recruiter now does a lot of social media recruiting, passive recruiting and long-term relationship building.

How exciting is it that “your job is to find people a job.” Recruiting is a noble, exciting, challenging, and above all, rewarding profession. Sound intriguing? Let’s talk about some of the pros of being an agency recruiter:

You help people daily: When you pick up a phone to reach a candidate for an open job, you are providing an opportunity for economic advancement. You transform peoples’ lives every day. For you it may be the 20th person you called today, but for the candidate, you may be the only one reaching out to offer an opportunity. It gives a sense of great accomplishment – when you place someone who has been looking for a job. In the same process you are helping the client find the right talent to reach a business goal. A total win-win.

New task every day: Above all, recruitment is not monotonous. Every day you learn about the change in industries, new inventions, upcoming trends, etc. and how it affects the workforce. Recruiting allows you to work with a variety of companies and industries, challenging yourself on each engagement and improving your knowledge base. Think about recruiting for a pilot project that will affect a business’s growth. It’s very exciting to be the one to help make that happen.

You are the SME: When you work at an agency and are tenured you become the subject matter expert in certain industries or niche skills. You would be the first person; people would come to look for an accurate answer. Candidates will remember you for advancing their careers and clients will pay you for the expert you are in finding and matching the best talent. That’s a rather desirable position to be in. You are valued for your work, innovation and consistency.

Top notch compensation: We all want to be paid for our work, and in agency recruiting you are rewarded. All recruiting firms have a yearly base and commission or draw. It is also relatively easy to get into recruiting; some firms even have an on-the-job training program. These firms absorb you in the workforce after the initial training. If you have people skills, are dedicated and a fast learner, there is no stopping your earnings potential.

Agency recruiting can be a very fulfilling career. Sure, recruiting can be a little emotional, but if you are focused the earnings are there for you. As companies grow, technologies grow, and the demand for skilled people grows. Recruiting is here to stay; it’s getting exciting and innovating each and every day.