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Artech Consulting

Artech Consulting

Artech Consulting LLC (formerly Vega Consulting LLC) was acquired by Artech in 2014. Artech Consulting is located in Bellevue, WA and provides staff augmentation services to commercial clients in the Pacific Northwest. The firm provides cost-effective consulting services, to help companies develop, execute and sustain business and marketing strategies. It’s all part of our mission to help our clients achieve long-term business success.

Artech Consulting is a minority and women-owned business enterprise (MWBE) business originally founded in 2003 as Vega Consulting. The firm was established in order to provide a way for anyone, man or woman, to have more flexibility in their professional lives. In doing so, the firm also capitalized on the growing need for companies to manage their experienced workforce in a more flexible way. The firm quickly became one of fastest-growing private companies in the US with over 150 consultants.

Since then, Artech Consulting has developed into a leading Seattle-area professional services firm. Our seasoned management team and experienced consultants have worked in or consulted with world-class Fortune and Global 500 clients.


Artech Consulting has deep knowledge of the full product life cycle. We’ll provide the assistance you need, whether it’s end-to-end or any point in between. Our experienced consultants understand how to develop astute product and business strategies, how market research is done right, how products are brought to market, and how to successfully manage complex projects.

Whether we’re doing fixed-price, project-based engagements or augmenting your team with hourly staff, we’ll work with you and your team to deliver the results you need in any of the following areas:

Accounting & Finance

Artech Consulting provides premier financial services, leveraging consultants whose primary long-term expertise meet your fiscal needs as well as supplying you with top-tier talent where accuracy, attention to detail and confidentially are top of mind. Whether your financial need is large or small, on- or off-site, project or staffing based, Artech Consulting can meet your needs to help you successfully drive your financial plans. From CPAs to financial analysts to accounting assistants, our professionals will keep your business’ financial needs covered so you don’t have to.

Business Consulting

Today’s business challenges require the brightest minds and boldest strategies. Artech’s consultants have many years of experience building startups and growing Fortune 500 companies. Artech develops winning competitive strategies, assesses new market opportunities, and defines optimal pricing, licensing, and channel strategies.

Whether you are in the initial business planning phases or executing on bringing a product or service to any global market, our professionals will help you succeed. Need an objective business case, market requirements document, or comprehensive SWOT analysis to help secure investment commitments from management? We can help you there too.