STEM Initiatives

STEM Initiatives

Artech has implemented a social responsibility program with a strong focus on STEM initiatives, as well as supporting and mentoring women in STEM careers. Below are a few of Artech’s existing programs which focus on STEM:

On behalf of Artech, Ranjini Poddar is currently involved with several clients as a mentor to women-owned businesses. One of the significant programs is the NMSDC’s Emerging Young Entrepreneurs program. The Emerging Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) program was created to support a commitment by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) to advance business opportunities for certified minority and women business enterprises and connect them to corporate members. A uniquely designed year long program, EYE will provide the next generation of minority and women millennial entrepreneurs who will support the needs of corporate members, MBEs, and additional stakeholders. Artech currently is mentoring two millennial entrepreneurs, one of them being a women owned business.

Informally, Ranjini Poddar has been mentoring smaller minority and women business owners for years. In 2008, she engaged the Artech team in a program called AIM (Ask Impressive MBE) organized by The NY-NJ Minority Supplier Development Council. The Artech team felt the one-day affair with the promising MBE was a tremendous success and hopes to participate in similar programs in the future. Artech currently has a formal supplier diversity program or Vendors-in- Partnership (VIP) program where the company works with its clients and many minority agencies in mentor-protégé programs.

In 2007-2008, Artech launched and sponsored the Artech-Dalmia Center for IT in Rajasthan, India. The facility, located at the prestigious all-woman Banasthali University, provides women with the training in software, hardware, and communications technologies necessary to obtain Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degrees in the IT field. The goal of the Center is to empower women with cutting-edge technology skills.

Artech, as a company, contributes to causes related to STEM-initiatives in education as part of its community initiatives.