Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives

Environmentally Sustainable Practice

Artech has embarked on an initiative to align each and every one of its Operational and Service Delivery (OSD) processes with current environmentally sustainable practices. The “Artech Green OSD” initiative is an executive order with strict definitions and deployment action items.


Artech Green OSD is driven by the firm’s leadership team, which has fervently communicated the significance of this initiative to all senior staff, line managers, and employees throughout Artech’s global operations.

Much like the ecology, Artech OSD is dynamic and intertwined across many activities; therefore, Artech’s employees play an important role.

Operations & Service Delivery (OSD)

At Artech, each task is carried out to conserve energy in one form or another. Artech is an ISO 9001 certified company and has developed its global practices based on QMS methodologies. Within this quality framework, Artech continues to review each of its processes and determine which physical actions, usable materials, etc. can be refined to conserve energy.

Supply Chain Practice

As a global IT service provider, Artech is compliant with various social responsibility and environmentally sustainable programs, and publicly discloses its status and progress at portals managed by the Carbon Disclosure Project, EICC, and others.

Artech’s supply chain compliance is bidirectional, applicable to both clients and suppliers.