Artech’s employees strive to provide excellent service to its clients and consultants every day. All of Artech’s internal functions work together to deliver on behalf of its clients and consultants and embody the mission and vision of Artech at all times.

Additionally, Artech’s diverse and inclusive culture have led the company to stand where it is today – while attracting and retaining top talent in the industry.

Mission Statement

Artech’s mission is to provide exceptional staffing and statement of work services for clients’ time-sensitive and mission critical applications by providing best value solutions and promoting highest standards of quality, integrity, and mutual respect.

Vision Statement

Artech’s vision is to be a top 3 staffing services supplier by providing global support to its clients as well as a top choice for consultants across the globe.

Artech, Turning Values... Into Actions

Customer Satisfaction

Artech puts its clients’ needs first and strives to exceed their expectations.


Artech delivers on its commitments.


Artech is adaptable and agile to its clients’, employees’ and consultants’ needs.


Artech acts in all situations with ethical standards and clarity of communication.


Artech values its clients, employees, consultants, and partners.


All of Artech’s team members have a collaborative spirit and are dedicated to working towards the growth of its clients, employees, and consultants.

Drive to Excellence

Artech’s employees demonstrate their drive to excellence through the following attributes:

Intrapreneurial Spirit

Artech employees embrace ownership of responsibilities and come to work every day with confidence in their ability to provide the best support for the company’s clients and consultants by utilizing their experience and connections in the industry.

Freedom to Innovate

Artech’s employees are encouraged to innovate in every aspect of their day-to-day activities. Innovation is one of the keys to exceed the expectations in all client and consultant relationships.

Unlimited Potential

As a growing organization, it is part of Artech’s culture to provide growth opportunities for every single one of its employees based on their ability to exceed their personal organizational goals.

Continuous Learning

Artech’s employees strive for continuous learning for the benefit of its clients and consultants.

Commitment to Compliance

All of Artech’s employees are committed to client and regulatory compliance requirements at all times.

Service Excellence

Artech’s clients and consultants come first. All planning, service delivery, and performance measurements begin and end with the attention to detail necessary to make Artech a top choice for its clients and consultants. Every employee has a responsibility to assure the highest level of client satisfaction.

Artech employees believe superior service delivery is the key to growth.

Operational Excellence

Artech best serves its clients by adhering to and executing superior processes. Artech’s employees are dedicated to operational excellence as part of a client and consultant centric mindset that assures consistent execution and establishes an outcome that is:

  • Predictable
  • Measurable
  • Repeatable