Top Staffing Trends Impacting the Industry

Top Staffing Trends Impacting the Industry

Staffing is a fast-paced business. It’s easy to get tied up in the day-to-day tasks and lose sight of the emerging trends affecting the industry. To make sure we achieve our targets and reach our goals it is important to take a step back and observe what’s happening in the industry. Let’s take a look at some of the trends that are emerging and can be banked upon for success in the coming year.

Diversity Hiring

LinkedIn reports “78% of talent professionals and hiring managers say that diversity is the top trend impacting how they hire”.

There is a greater emphasis on diversity hiring. It improves culture, provides expansive talent pools for companies and provides better client engagement. A diverse workforce better represents customers and businesses in different geographies. And while a company should always hire the best person for the role, regardless of gender, race, religion or age, the increasing shift in this global trend speaks for more progressive and diverse workplaces. Diversity hiring defies perception and allows us to find the best talent available.

Employer Branding

This trend is surely gaining traction. Employer branding is a term used to denote a company’s reputation, likeability and popularity by existing and prospective customers. There are many social platforms on which users share their experiences – namely LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. Needless to say a company with a bad reputation finds it difficult to attract talent. Today’s job seekers make a concerted effort to research more about a company before they think about appearing for an interview. Employer’s that want to get ahead of other companies need to take initiative to create a strong brand presence.

Interviewing Channels

The industry is moving beyond phone calls and in-person meetings. There is a greater increase for video screening, online soft skill assessments, virtually simulated skill tests and job auditions. This trend helps staffing firms reach a broader talent pool in far less time, provide holistic images of candidates earlier than ever and provides better insight into their talents. A new trend of “Casual interviews” is on the rise. In these interviews recruiters meet a candidate over lunch and discuss the role in a relaxed setting to make them more comfortable and open to conversation. It provides for an instant connection, constructive discussions and above all, a deeper look into a candidate’s behavior.

Candidate Delight

A great candidate experience delivers happy consultants, and moreover, repeated hires. Every firm wants to be the preferred employer and provide the best to each candidate; nevertheless employers still fall behind in this area. A related issue is who exactly owns the candidate experience? Is it the recruiter? The onboarding team? Or possibly company policies? Delivering a rewarding candidate experience is something the whole firm contributes to, regardless of who’s on the front lines with hires. Be sure to follow this trend to become a favorite staffing firm.

Data-driven Approach

This may sound like an old procedure that every firm has been following since inception, but there is more to it. Talent partners are relying more on data and the possibilities it delivers today. A data-driven approach transforms reactive recruiting into pro-active recruiting. With so many applications providing deep analysis, firms now can interpret data faster and predict hiring outcomes. Just as we make digital marketing strategies, staffing firms are making reliable talent sourcing strategies. This data-driven approach is a smarter way to reach goals and surely a trend that is here to stay.

Be sure to follow these emerging staffing trends to cater to an ever expansive recruitment market. Let us know about what trends work best for you in the comments section below.